Top 3 Portrayals of Batman

Check out my 3 favorite portrayals of the caped crusader for Cinema Cure.


It is no secret there have been some great portrayals of Batman. From the ’60s television show all the way to the current incarnation in the DCEU, Batman fans have been given some great Batman performances. All and any incarnation of Batman has been considered for my list. Without further ado, here are my three favorite portrayals of Batman and why.

Keaton BatmanHonorable Mention: Michael Keaton

His unique portrayal of Batman and Bruce Wayne in the 1989 breakout hit, Batman, has endured in Batman legend much like the film itself. The accomplishment he and director Tim Burton had with Batman and Batman Returns was groundbreaking in terms of bringing the IP of Batman to the big-screen for the first time and distancing itself from the campy, comedy version on television in the 1960s. Despite the backlash at first for his casting, Keaton became a solid Batman and fans definitely missed…

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