Top 3 Portrayals of Superman

Check out my 3 favorite portrayals of the last son of Krypton for Cinema Cure.


I have been enamored with the character of Kal-El and his mythology ever since childhood. Whether it be Superman: The Animated Series, Superman: The Movie, or Man of Steel, many Superman actors have come and gone. Whether the actor donned the suit for years, a scene or two, or only voice-acting, all options are on the table. The following is my personally well-thought out list of my three favorite portrayals of Superman with a deserving honorable mention.

Honorable Mention: Tim Daly


Deciding between my honorable mention and #3 is very tough since both are great, but Daly ultimately lands in my honorable mention slot. He voiced the character in the animated television series for four years and has made numerous other appearances voicing Superman / Clark Kent / Bizarro in multiple animated films. When I think of Superman, I not only think of the look and theā€¦

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