Did Tom Welling Just Tease His Next Film Project?

Some might remember Tom Welling as Charlie Baker from the Steve Martin-led film, Cheaper By the Dozen, but most probably remember Welling’s portrayal of Clark Kent / Superman from the hit WB and CW series, Smallville. After the show’s 10-season run ended in 2011, he has only appeared in a handful of projects, including Parkland, Draft Day, and The Choice.
After The Choice debuted in February 2016, things have been mostly silent for Welling minus his St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital t-shirt campaign. He hasn’t been announced to be involved with any other projects for the past 17 months, but now we may have an indication of a new project he may appear in – with Welling’s Instagram as the direct source.
On July 7th, Welling posted the following picture onto Instagram (which has been screenshotted from an iPhone).

As you can see, he wrote “Back on set,” which is obviously a strong indication that he is filming something, but there is always a chance he might not be. As for what that project could be, your guess is as good as mine. I’m just happy that he might be involved with a new project. Let’s hope this is the beginning of his true comeback; he’s too talented of an actor not to.
Update: It has been brought to my attention that this picture is actually about Welling promoting Saddle Club with his girlfriend, Jessica Rose Lee. Sorry for the misinterpretation. It looks like we will have to wait longer to hear about any other potential projects. 

Draft Day review

Just a heads up, this is going to be my review of the movie Draft Day that I saw last night. Yes, that means there are going to be spoilers, so if you don’t want me to ruin it for you, you might not want to read this just yet. Thanks! Here we go!Image

Draft Day is the story of Cleveland Browns GM Sonny Weaver Jr. (Kevin Costner) trying to make a splash in the draft by potentially picking the top draft prospect: QB Bo Callahan (Josh Pence). This upsets the veteran QB they currently have named Brian Drew (Tom Welling) who is coming off a season-ending injury the year before. Yes, there are other elements in the film, like the tense relationship between Sonny and their new head coach from Dallas (Dennis Leary), and also the “don’t mess this up or you’re gone” type of relationship with Browns owner Anthony Molina (Frank Langella). Another part the film touches on was the more personal side of life for an NFL GM. Weaver has an “odd” relationship with the financial (salary-cap) executive Ali (Jennifer Garner), and also his mother portrayed by Ellen Burstyn.

I’m now going to take a moment to talk about a few of those actors. I thought Kevin Costner did a fine job with this film. I don’t think it’s his best work, but he really did a good job in the lead role. I also loved the portrayals of Josh Pence and Tom Welling. I think everyone knows that Tom is my favorite actor, but I truly believe he showed a different side of him in the film, one that I believe should keep him in the business for a long time. It’s also not hard to enjoy watching the wife of Batman, Jennifer Garner, who really brought the movie together.

I wasn’t a huge fan of Dennis Leary as their head coach, though. Don’t get me wrong, he made a sweet Green Goblin, but I felt like there wasn’t enough of that leadership presence/aura that you see in NFL head coaches. It was also a pleasant surprise to see David Ramsey as an assistant coach. For those who don’t know him, he plays Diggle on the (awesome!!!) CW TV-series Arrow, where he is also a member of the Suicide Squad. Other big name actors that came on screen were Terry Crews (Expandables, Expandables 2), all-pro Houston Texans running back Arian Foster, and Chadwick Boseman (42).

The last part I wanted to touch on was the NFL and the producing companies involved. I thought it was fantastic that the NFL was involved and had Chris Berman, Deion Sanders, John Gruden, Rich Eisen, and Mel Kiper Jr. However, I wasn’t high on Summit Entertainment, Oddlot Entertainment, or The Montecito Picture Company. I understood where they were coming from, but watching the transitions, especially during phone conversations, made me feel like I was watching Hulk, or reading a comic book.

Overall, it is a good story and a movie I believe worth watching.  Yeah there are a few cheesy parts here and there, but overall it’s a good movie. One definitely worth watching! Thanks for your time!