Song Review

“All That I’m Asking For” – Lifehouse


“All That I’m Asking For” by Lifehouse is a calling card to that one special someone after encountering some rough times together in the past, who is no longer in the here and now. It is filled with raw emotion, and the opening line says it all, “Gravity pulls, and we fall from the clouds, proving to each other, that we’re both human now.” The song starts off having a beautiful dream-like (almost exotic) sound for the first 45 seconds until it gets into the masterfully constructed musicianship part of the song.

This has been one of my favorites for a long time, but one thing that jumped out at me when listening to this song more recently was the creativity in describing a situation or feeling in the lyrics “It’s in the past tense, there is no making sense of it now.” It keeps its dream-like sorrowful sound until the bridge when they bring in the electric guitar, which they also do in their song “Everything”, when lead singer Jason Wade really goes deep into the outcry of the song, describing how even in the still of their hands, that anything is possible, and also includes the line, “With every beat of my heart, love speaks in silence.” The last time through chorus really ramps up and delivers the clear message of the song with full force, and then it ends with the soft, exotic, dream-like sequence at the end.

“All That I’m Asking For” is off of their album Smoke and Mirrors and is in my opinion one of their most underrated songs that they’ve come out with, and even one of the more under-looked songs of all-time. It’s my jam, and the type of song that I would love to record someday. To conclude, it’s something worth listening to, I promise.



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